Club Vintage Interiors




The most important aspect in the designing of Boknäs products has always been the interest in skilled craftsmanship as well as respect for tradition and history. The company’s roots lay in the passion for antique books and historic maps, and the intention to present these collective items in a worthy and unique environment.

Boknäs aims to create a specific ambiance with its classic-modern furniture, and to perfect this, accessories are needed that blend into this particular interior design. The Original Vintage Edition -decoration series by Boknäs was developed to serve this purpose: The design follows the furniture series in style and color and harmonizes the outlook of your interior.

The various decorative objects are manufactured according to historic models and the attention to detail is prioritized. Many of the product range’s decorative items are also designed to serve their original purpose and therefore the objects also have a real function, like the binocular for instance.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail provide the decorative objects with their special appearance. The materials used for production are mainly wood, brass, chrome and glass to ensure that the items perfect your Boknäs interior.

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