Villinki -Lasting Values 


In 2002, in the peace and serenity of the islands of the Gulf of Finland, the idea was born to create a new, innovative product line. The Finnish summer months with the almost never setting sun inspired the designing of the light and elegant furniture range: Villinki


Villinki’s beautiful, unique appearance is created through the use of high quality materials combined with innovative technology to ensure comfort in everyday use. The durability of Villinki products ensures long lasting combinations that can be modified and expanded over time to suit each customer’s needs.

The Villinki product range consists of various elements that can be combined together to create a combination to best respond to individual needs. As in the Boknäs product line, the Villinki elements can be stacked on top of, and next to each other and are thus effortless to assemble. The frames of the cabinets are made out of solid wood to ensure durability, and all the materials used in surface treatment are water based.

Villinki cabinets have framed glass windows both on the sides as well as in front on the sliding doors. This ensures that the maximum amount of light is let into the cabinet, which creates a beautiful setting for any items displayed. The cabinets are available in three sizes, and they can be further personalised through a choice of different leg, base and top options.

The Villinki product range also includes other products, such as cabinets with louver doors, tv-solutions, dining furniture, coffee and side tables and bedroom furniture.

Villinki Scandic Catalog